International VIP Club

インターナショナル VIP クラブ

わたしの目には、あなたは高価で尊い (イザヤ書43章4節)

Very Important Person in My (God's) Eyes (Isaiah 43:4)

What is VIP (VIPクラブとは)

激動する国際情勢の中で、政治・経済・科学技術が急速に変化し、国家も個人も新しい世界観・価値観・ライフスタイルが求められています。このような変革の時代に、インターナショナルVIPクラブは、世界の歴史に多大な影響を与え続けてきた不朽のベストセラー「聖書」と、その中心人物・イエスキリストにその方向性を求め、ビジネスパーソン・専門職同士の交流の輪を広げ、相互の理解を深めることを目的とした会員制のクラブです。VIPとは、旧約聖書・イザヤ書43章4節の「私の目にはあなたは高価で尊い」"Very Important Person in My (God's) Eyes"の理念に基づくものです。交流会では、くつろいだ雰囲気の中で、仕事や人生について、ゆっくりと話し合う機会があり、温かい人間関係を築き上げることができますす。

Many important changes, especially in the frameworks of politices, technology, and the economy are occeurring at a fast pace in our international society. Nations and individuals seem to be trying to find a new basis for their world view, value system, and lifestyle, etc. In this changing age, the Internation VIP Club provides you with the opportunity to see eternal trut and chart the future direction of your life and work. We do it using the all-time bestseller, the Bible, and Its central figure, Jesus Christ, which have so greatly influenced world history. The aims of the Club are to create and exppanding friendship network, to deepen relationships among the Club's business & professional members, and to search for truth in Scripture. The concept of the International VIP Club comes from the Book of Isaiah (43:4) of the Old Testament, where it is written "You are precious in my eyes." in oother words, you are a Very Important Person in God's eyes. And we are all important to each other. During our times of fellowship, you can enjoy talking with others not only about business, but also about life and truth. You can develop warm and productive relationships with other members, and you might just find what you are searching for in life.